MamaSport Online Programs

Online training for active and professional female athletes to remain at peak fitness during pregnancy and return to elite performance after birth.

Start Training

Join the first athletic training program designed by experts for pregnancy! Gym-based workouts for those who have a strong strength training and competition base coming into your pregnancy, and want to continue training safely at high levels over the 40-weeks.

Return Function

Core weakness, recurring pain, and incontinence keep you from your sports training. CoreStrong gets you back by returning your core strength and function. This 9-week online program takes you from the foundations of engaging the core through breathing, to return you to the training your love without pain or embarrassing accidents.

Life Balance

Ready to get back to your sport and reach those postpartum goals? The MamaSport Breastfeeding Athlete's Playbook is designed to address the unique needs of breastfeeding mamas..  This 6-week program balances hormones to restore metabolic balance and gets you back on the path to your pre-pregnancy training life.

Towards the end of my second trimester, my midwife pointed out that I had diastasis recti and joint pain. Without her plan, I would have stopped lifting weights entirely. Not many trainers know the ins and outs of lifting weights safely during pregnancy, and the different conditions that can pop up to complicate your training, but Beth is an expert in this area.

Colleen - MamaSport Athlete

I felt stronger while working with Beth. She helped me handle the immediate postpartum healing time with grace and more patience than I normally have for myself.

Lauren - Breastfeeding Athlete Training Plan & CoreStrong

I met my goal! I loved learning about how to eat to best fuel my metabolism, and the sheets about what foods to eat to keep it interesting. I loved the workouts as well!

Breastfeeding Playbook Client

I loved the education on nutrition, the recipe suggestions, and motivation to stay active. I'm down 30 pounds!

Julia - Breastfeeding Playbook


Why MamaSport?

  • Over 15 years of rehabilitation and sports training
  • The only online training program dedicated to pregnant and postpartum athletes
  • Pelvic floor and core retraining experts to help you master full body strength
  • Functional Training and Restorative Exercise™ helps prevent injury
  • Integrated nutrition for strength, wellness, and postpartum healing
  • Join a private online community of like-minded athletes hosted by Beth Jones
    Custom week-by-week workouts for your EXACT training needs
  • Advanced options to up-level your training