Outline and Objectives


Welcome to CoreStrong: Foundation! This course is all about getting you back to the sports and activities that you love.

The course is broken down into 6 Stages:

  • RE-Align
  • RE-Connect
  • RE-Train
  • RE-Condition
  • RE-turn to Play
  • RE-Assess

It's important to remember that each person heals at a different rate and that external influences in our lives (stress, lack of sleep, availability, commitment, etc.) can interfere with how we heal. While the course is designed to take between 9 and 12 weeks to complete, you may find that you need more time in order to finish and feel strong about moving onto the next level - and that's OK. This isn't a course to rush through. Once you're in, you have access to it as long as needed.

Stage 1: RE-Align:

You will spend about 1 week here learning the principles of whole body alignment. You will build upon the breathing foundation you set in "First Steps" and start bringing your body into a space where it can begin to heal and grow strong. You'll be introduced to the basic 6 Restorative Exercises, our functional nutrition, and even looking at the goals we've set for ourselves.

Stage 2: RE- Connect:

We spend about 3 weeks in the RE-Connect Stage. Here's we'll be putting the pieces together - breathing, alignment, and movement. All must work together in order to provide the functional core that you need in order to return to training. You'' be receiving both your Vital Core 3x3 progressions, as well as our first Functional Training program. In addition, we'll be looking more at our eating habit and life priorities, and how those play into our long-term goals.

Stage 3: RE-Train:

Now we're really starting to get back to some of the activities that we've been missing. By this point, you will have established a good foundation to build from. We never discard the foundational alignment and restorative exercises, but rather use them to progress in our training and performance. In Stage 3, you will be starting to think about what training path you'd like to pursue - Endurance, Strength, or Fat Loss - and start customizing your training to reach those goals. We'll continue learning about how nutrition fuels our healing and performance, as well as looking at what kind of support we need from our community to help us return to the play that we love.

Stage 4: RE-Condition:

This is the last stage of the CoreStrong: Foundations program. During these last few weeks, you'll be mapping out a new training plan that aligns with the goals that you set in Stage 3. You'll learn how to integrate the Vital Core and Functional Training programs into whatever path you've chosen because the basic tools are what will keep you strong, pain-free, and performing like you hope to. You'll end the course feeling ready to return to the training plan that you choose. You'll also have the opportunity to add-on a consultation with Beth to help you design your path if that is something you need.

Stages 5 & 6:

The RE-turn to Play and the RE-Asssess Stages are not something we "train" for, and therefore there are no lessons for these in the course. Rather, this is your graduation from CoreStrong: Foundations! However, our progress and performance improvements are never guaranteed. Hopefully, when you get to the end of the course you'll understand more how our daily lifestyle and all-day movement habits can support or hinder our progress. We can literally undo all of the hard work if we're not careful. You will leave with the basic tools of how to continue to assess your functional and progress, and how to step back to one of the previous Stages to reset if needed.