Rest & Restore

If you remember from our On-Boarding program, one of the key components of the MamaSport program in the integration of Restorative Exercise™ and promoting active rest. This is something that I'll ask you to do for a week at the beginning of each new phase.

The Rest and Restore exercises and suggestions are also a great place for you to come back to when you're not feeling 100%. While we'd all love to believe that pregnancy won't slow us down, the truth is that our bodies are going through some major changes and fluctuations in hormones, which means that some days we physically can't engage in the strength and endurance training as we'd like to.

This doesn't mean that you have to stop moving. Walking and working through these Restorative Exercises are a great way to keep you moving and conditioned while respecting what your body is telling you.

And remember, when we train, we tend to do the same movements with our body over and over. Then we finish and go back to our lives, where many of us are sitting (or standing in one position) for the majority of the day. And when we're not feeling well, we often don't move at all. Although the MamaSport program includes functional exercises emphasizing multi-planer movement, you only get the benefit of the 30-40 minutes when you are training. The rest of the time our bodies move on one plane, and our muscles adapt to that lack of motion.

It is important to counter the poor posture and repetitive movements that we place on our systems with exercises and habits that promote better function, alignment, and health. These exercises you will learn today will help with that. You may recognize these exercises from the Vital Core 3x3 portion of the workouts.

Finally, please try to get a daily walk in when you can. This is in addition to any weight or cardio training that is included in the program. It's a great option to tag on after a strength day. Aim for 40-60 minutes maximum, at an easy, conversational pace. This is active rest. The walking allows for hormonal control, stress reduction, and even optimum baby positioning. I encourage you to get outside if you can. Treadmills are fine on occasion, but again promote that repetitive movement pattern and they do not engage our glutes and posterior chain, which are essential for maintaining proper alignment and core support. So, get outside. Try to find a path with varying terrain, or at least walk a different route or direction each day. Put on some music, a podcast, or even an audiobook and just take some time for you!

Warm Up: Get outside and walk at an easy pace for 40-60 minutes.

Circuit Sets: Complete each exercise one after the other.

Sets/Reps: Hold each exercise 30-60 seconds. Repeat 2 circuits

Cool Down: None.

Restorative Exercises

Click the image for a demo of each exercise