Starting Out: Phase 1

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You have the benefit at training through your entire pregnancy, and reaping the benefits of the MamaSport program! Phase 1 covers week 6-11. It is the longest cycle in our program, but it also gives you the most flexibility.

If you've just found out that you're pregnant, you might be wondering what you can do now, what is safe as far as exercise goes, and what to do if you're feeling off on certain days. The good news is that you don't have to modify anything that you've been doing. As long as you're feeling well (no nausea, dizziness, or bleeding), you can continue training as you were before that pink plus sign appeared on the stick. However, every body reacts differently in the few weeks of life, and so it's important to listen to the signals that your body is giving. Be sure to read the Phase Lessons which cover the red flags of first trimester exercise and how to address them.

Phase One assumes that you've been actively training prior to joining our program. You've completed the On-Boarding, and now have a good idea of what the training will entail. For the first four weeks of the program, our focus will be on training for endurance. You will now start workout containing Biplexes and Triplexes, which are the equivalent to Supersets and Giant Set. These programs are designed to meet our training goals and also adequately target your Vital Core. The last two weeks of Phase One will shift the focus to strength training, and you will increase your resistance and decrease your reps accordingly.

Remember that the reps and sets given in this program are guidelines only. Please feel free to modify them as needed to match your current level of fitness and lifestyle. Adding or skipping a set is just fine, as is reducing the weight if needed. However, if you do reduce the weight, I encourage you to make a note and start at the new weight for the next session.

Be sure to download the program PDF to help track your progress. Don't forget the Phase Lessons, as they are designed to be a mini Childbirth Education course within the program. Mama Sport is designed to encompass a truly holistic training approach, which includes learning about the event you are training for -- BIRTH!

If you haven't done so, please take a moment to join our members-only MamaSport Inner Circle to connect with other members and expand the resources for your success in the program.


About Phase 1

Phase One of the program begins incorporating the hybrid training that MamaSport is designed. You will start training with Biplexes and Triplexes, which are basically Supersets combining both Traditional and Functional Exercises. I understand that you may have come from a training style that differs from what you will find in our program, but remember that the MamaSport Pregnancy Training Program is designed to get you strong for your birth, prevent injuries and conditions often associated with pregnancy, and help you fully recover and progress back into your sport after baby arrives. This style of training not only allows you to maintain the level of fitness you were at pre-pregnancy, but also develops the Vital Core to improve the total level of performance - both for sport and for a more comfortable pregnancy.

You may find the lifting pace slower, but this allows you to connect with the messages your body is relaying back to you. Mindfulness and focus is always important when actively training if we want to truly reach our goals, but even more so when we are pregnant, as our body changes from day to day. What seemed easy one day may be different the next. Honor these messages and adapt when necessary. It is important to remember that we are not training for any kinds of gains in this program, but rather training for the specific event that is birth.  Just as your train differently for a marathon than you would a sprint, so do we train specifically during the pregnancy months.

Weekly To-Do's

  • Complete 3 Strength Training Sessions per week
  • Complete 2 Rest-Based Interval Cardio sessions per week
  • View the Phase 1 Lessons

Weekly Lessons & Resources

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Workout Goals & Exercise Demos